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I am so motivated to write this post, so much is going on this year at Wimbledon 2013 including the whole aspect of aging well, especially with the players new and not so new.

Keep in mind that as we age, we really do have to focus on the entire person. Being physically fit as in our 20s is just not good enough, even for players at that age!

Tennis Great Chris Evert commentates, "You have to be prepared physically, mentally, emotionally. That's what creates a champion."

This is so true, at every level of play. In business, as well.  My new, personal approach to the court is the same as a board room.  Enter as prepared as possible, expect the unexpected, laugh a little, and be sure that there will be that someone who is motivated to topple you and all that you represent. That is competition.  

That also is what I call 'the chase,' most likely the best part of competing, being simultaneously creative and true to get to the next level.  That also is what great competition is about; appreciate and respect your adversaries, they may indeed be your best friends to force you to be your better self!

Aging could very well be your worst enemy and best friend.

Look at the Women's Japanese player Kimiko Date-Krumm~ 

She is born September 28, 1970, 5 feet 4 inches, 117 pounds.  She is 42 years old! And competing at Wimbledon!!

Date-Krumm of Japan
I really relate to her as she is my height, a few pounds less, alas for me, and the oldest competitor at Wimbledon 2013.  Look at her stats, she does not give up, she stays in the game playing 11 Wimbledon championships, and was a semi-finalist in 1996, remember that year??

On June 29th, Date-Krumm has a date with Serena Williams.  She credits her good health to 'regular cups of Chinese tea,' I wonder which kind?  

I really like the brand Teavana, the raw tea leaves that you can pack yourself in that tiny bag is so precise, so exact to your own discerning taste. Has Date-Krumm tried this one~
Emperor's Clouds and Mist Green Tea
This tea has received rave reviews as a true green tea, the tea body is light and not bitter, very smooth. 

For skincare, here are a few tips I have discovered along the way~ 

Tea~ green and oolong are best, but any tea will do for the antioxidant components.

Coffee~ Just one cup a day also provides antioxidants, can be quite satisfying, but if you are prone to heart disease or diabetes be very careful with your caffeine consumption.

Lettuce~ all are good, but for a skincare boost watercress is best;it is difficult to find, has a fun, bitter taste, greta for skin.  Try arugula if watercress not available.  Spinach leaves are great, and kale has been said to stave off cancer, a recovered cancer friend said to me that kale did indeed save her life.  She eats it raw, well rinsed, bags of it.

Citrus~ grapefruit first, then oranges.

Pittman & Davis

Apples~ eat at least one a day- does indeed keep the doctor away!!

PLUMS!!  See my post~
Limit all meats.

Get rid of processed 'junk food.'

Eat as much salmon as you can, fish oil keeps elasticity in the skin. Stay away from shrimp and lobster, too much cholesterol.

Sardines and anchovies are great for skin, do this!!

Nuts~ walnuts and almonds, others are too fattening.

WATERMELLON!!  Replete with nitric oxide, please see my post, WATERMELON, CHOCOLATE & TELOMERES for more data!

Limit your bread and pasta intake, natural soups like Amy's are really good.

AND, my personal favorite, avocados!! They taste great and satisfy hunger.

Remember to hydrate, drink more water than you think you need to!

Lastly, for strong teeth and a good frame, try to substitute broccoli for dairy, and if you must, almond milk is good, or 0% fat milk. Cottage cheese offers high calcium and protein without the lactose intolerance for most people.

That's it!!  Stick to this and in a few weeks, your skin and waistline will automatically improve.

Try it!!

And of course, let us not forget the men at Wimbledon.

Tommy Haas is 35 years old, born April 3, 1978. He is handsome, strong, and says quite matter of fact that age is not an issue. Period. He is a German professional tennis player. His board room is clearly the tennis court.

Tommy Haas all set to enter 3rd Round
Tommy Haas has the correct mental state.  Do you?  You are as young as you feel, as the saying goes.

And emotionally, both players are strong willed, they push forward, using their training and fitness to keep any maligned emotions in check. 

Best of luck Kimiko and Tommy in your Third Round matches!!!


Date-Krumm lost her match against Serena Williams, 6-2, 6-0, however you put up a fierce fight and we love you!! Click here for the match description.

AND, congratulations to Tommy Haas! You advance now to Round 4, versus Djokovic, taking Lopez in four sets!

For all the latest Wimbledon news, stats and so on~

Click here for Wimbledon news!

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