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updated March 12, 2015

No matter what you are doing in life, determine what type of competitor you are. Yes, everyone competes on a certain level, conscious or not.

I have been reading a great book I found on Amazon entitled Strokes of Genius, by L. Jon Wertheim, about the play by play tennis match between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer at Wimbledon 2008: 
Strokes of Genius
I am mid-way through the book, but a recurrent theme strikes me so significantly as a competitor while I read.  

When you walk out on the court and start to play, HOW do you compete? Are you aggressive and play against your opponent, you will do anything to crush them and win the point, within the rules and good sportsmanship of course?  

Or, do you play the ball, the game is not against another person now, the game suddenly becomes a match between you and the ball. Your opponent essentially does not exist, you are playing a ball machine and nothing more. This approach to tennis now becomes an element of stylistics, and it takes much practice and matches to find your own place within this spectrum. 

Or, better yet, maybe you are a combination of these two approaches to the game.  I think that's where I am, but regardless, a dominant side will emerge. I will seek to crush with a double handed backhand drive, but otherwise when the point is in play I play the ball with my best technique available that day, I play the ball. 

This approach will relax me, as I immediately negate the hijinks of a distracting opponent and my focus is instantly on the ball and nothing more.  

Take a good look at Roger's pictures before and after he hits a tennis ball- his eyes are focused directly on it and nowhere else. 

Each shot. Each point, game, set and match.  

Relaxation is his mantra, as he hits best in the most relaxed of manner.  

Which is your style? ☀

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