Friday, July 27, 2012


Hi!!  I am so excited for the Summer Olympic games, wish I were in London, but happy to watch from my perch in the United States.  

Photo courtesy London Olympics 2012
I love the "before" time,  where anything is possible in competition, where dreams are endless and smiles abound.  This is humanity at its finest, so proud to be strong, trained, and ready.  What will we witness? Who will win, who is the surprise, that someone who comes in under the wire only to prove their worthiness and discipline and love for their sport, the "dark horse," as referred to in politics.  Social media is all-a-Twitter with definite up to the moment news and commentary from likely and unlikely sources alike :) 

The before games, the Opening Ceremony this day, look at the satisfaction of the athletes, so full of vim and vigor to show their stuff.  They have worked their lives to get here, and their parents, families and mentors too, what a special time to forever imprint on their lives, long when the games are over. 

So today view the Opening Ceremony with a beginner's mind, this is the magical moment, where any and all is possible. ✈

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  1. I love your idea of "the beginners mind." perhaps we should all work to maintain that mind throughout our life journeys despite our inevitable failures and even fortunes.