Monday, September 10, 2012


For all you tennis girls, here 's a match for YOU!

Take a trip to the US Open and hop on the bandwagon for the highs and lows of classic match momentum in this final.

Here we go~

Men's US Open tennis final, can you believe the swing in match momentum here?  Such superb playing, either Murray or Djokovic could win.  Each forcing the other to go for outlandish returns, and then making them!  Who will take the trophy tonight?

First set was incredible, I did not tune in till the tiebreaker, thinking the match would be at least half over.  Both tennis players looked like true gladiators, and we the Roman spectators.  See Djokovic's grace, see Murray's resolve:

Photo credit by Associated Press
 Andy takes the first set after one hour and twenty-seven minutes at tiebreak 12-10. The wind has not been Djokovic's friend here, Andy Murray works the wind forces so much better. But Andy does tend to tire, while Novak wrestles with the wind.

Fifth set, Andy is serving great, imagine the stamina! Four hours and forty-one minutes, wow!  Murray leads at 4-2, Djokovic serving now to hold. Novak may be cramping, fitness is a HUGE part of tennis at these levels. Uh-oh, 15-40. He breaks.

Andy Murray is serving for the championship!

These two players are truly the perfect combination of supreme fitness combined with the perfect beauty the game of tennis offers. But alas, the price of beauty, Novak needs a physical trainer for his legs. Andy is hopping around like he is just starting!  What a warrior!

He's serving now, goes for a backhand overhead at net.  Has anyone tried this shot?   Not easy! 30-0 now.  Almost five hours before any physical discomfort here really.  Now the going gets rough. Now 40-0.  Everyone is standing!! Now quiet. 40-15. Djokovic hits long. 6-2.

Game, set, match, Andy Murray!!  His first Grand Slam!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!

Photo credit by Reuters
Makes history- this final equals the longest tennis match ever played at US Open, today 4 hours and 54 minutes. Here's a really great article on the match, pre and post:


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