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SO excited to share my new find with you! Juice Beauty is founded by the gorgeous Karen Behnke of California, a serial wellness entrepreneur who has your best beauty interests at heart. Like many of us beauty gurus, Karen started to read the labels, and questioning ingredients that we put on (and therefore into) our bodies.  

Especially motivated by her first pregnancy at the age of 40, Karen wanted to be sure what she was putting into her body was good for her and baby! One step at a time, Karen set out to create a simple, organic skincare line to create total healthy formulations for the health- conscious. And bravo to Karen! Welcome Juice Beauty to our world!

Karen Benhke, Founder of Juice Beauty
As we have experienced, many products out there may be organic and clean, but they hardly do the job of actually cleaning our skin, removing debris and rust, and nourishing for optimum health. And, application is so important.  If your products apply thick, have too much fragrance, are sticky to the touch, sorry folks, your experience will not be a good one. Karen knows this and I will give you my own experience with her new products at that will show you the way to wellness and beauty with gentle luxury all to give you a whole new you!


This morning I woke up with a slight crease around the eyes, side sleeping on one side last night, who knows why, and I am very excited to relate my personal experience with Juice Beauty STEM CELLULAR Resurfacing Micro-Exfoliant~

This product is a clay mask and grape seed exfoliator all wrapped up in one!

Your tools~

The Application

1. On clean, very slightly damp skin, I applied the STEM CELLULAR Resurfacing Micro-Exfoliant, in small circles I worked the product into my cheek, forehead, chin and neck areas.  This step takes 90 seconds.  The product has micro-beads for gentle exfoliation, a fresh non-irritating fragrance, and a smooth texture for easy application. 

2. Next, simply wait a minute for the clay ingredient to do its job of tightening and removing debris.  So important for clean skin!

3. This final third step is crucial for success.  Removal of the product! This takes a little planning, and well worth the effort. Have a clean, warm wash cloth handy.  Not dripping wet, but instead slightly damp and warm to the touch. You can be luxurious here, you are worth it!  Again, in little movements, pat the skin to lift up the product from your skin to the wash cloth.  Sounds so basic, I know, but these little steps go a long way. Stay with me here.  In soft little pats, pat the product away.  This step takes another 90 seconds.

4. Yes, a fourth step.  Let your skin dry! Only 15 seconds or so.

AND, you are finished! Do this 2-3 times a week.

I have very sensitive skin, and using the above method works so very well for a skin type as mine. 

* Please test first on your own skin, as everyone's level of sensitivity is their own *

And, many thanks to Juice Beauty for combining the proper organic ingredients to leave you with your best face ever while giving you a luxurious, intelligent experience.

The benefits and ingredients
  •  reduces dead skin cells, instantly resurfaces and refines with exfoliating organic grapeseed micro-particles (they are small, not rough to the touch)
  • replenishes, restores, and renews with a proprietary blend of fruit stem cells which have been infused with an organic resveratrol rich grapeseed base
  • softens and moisturizes with Vitamin E
  • soothes post exfoliation with chamomile and aloe vera

Juice Beauty has the STEM CELLULAR Exfoliating Peel Spray!

Exfoliate with this handy spray to uncover smoother, younger looking skin after just one use!

Contains gentle, plant-derived exfoliants to resurface skin within seconds on contact, this is a great product! 

This plant based organic skincare is formulated with Vitamin C, anti-oxidant boosting resveratrol and fruit stem cells! Soothes with cucumber extract and organic aloe.

This is a new day, and my first ever in experiencing the Juice Beauty STEM CELLULAR Exfoliating Peel Spray!

I am not wearing any makeup, clean face only right here! 

Videos are taken from my iphone- a very quick introduction, and even faster results!

Listen up~

Okay, so here are the results!


So excited for this product! In less than 5 minutes my skin is tightened, smooth and gently exfoliated!  

Bonus~ Even in the sensitive areas above the lip, the marionette lines are minimized, some are GONE, this is amazing, thank you Juice Beauty!


To enjoy the complete product line of Juice Beauty STEM CELLULAR organics, please see~

Stay beautiful, be healthy! 

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