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These 2012 US Open tennis players are so fit, I am so pleased at what they show us we can do! A simple post today on effort.  Two equal players, V. Azarenka versus S. Williams, what a pair!  Look in their eyes, both are focused on the win, Commentator Johnny Mac says both players need to dig in deeper, dig in harder since each opponent is so fierce. 

Flushing Meadows, New York
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I think when the fitness is the same, then it is the mental aspect of the game that takes over. Serena takes first set 6-2.

 Now, Azarenka is deliberate, S. Williams in second set is defensive. Crowd energy helps!

Both use legs on the serve, I wish I could do more of that, although I do try! If my timing is a bit off, then I will jump as I hit the ball. Focusing on kinetic chain is a lot to think of, and throws me off.  So, just jump, I can do that. Victoria has such fine, clean lines to her shots. Azarenka lets go and plays the shot, she is a warrior, not showing any sign of fatigue or distress.  She's down one set, leading in the second. Now she's talking to herself.  Is that a good idea?  When I try that it throws me, also if I split step before a shot it can off-put me as well.  I guess you have to find your own rhythm and not think too much!  But, some tennis basics are worthwhile to know, there is benefit to having rules, because that is what works!

Azarenka gets the second break for set two, her feet are light with tiny little steps. She is pumped!!  Serena is a worthy opponent, she will not make it easy for Victoria to get around her.  Early leads are a huge help.  Serena hit two aces in a row!  Watch her legs as she serves, I'll practice that tomorrow and think of Serena!!

Intensity and movement not as alert as in second set, let's see what the third set brings for Ms. Williams.  It has been 17 years since a US Open women's championship has gone to three sets.  Azarenka is tightening up on the serve, tough to play well when the finish line is so close.  Okay, Azarenka's got the second set. 6-2.

Third set:  Serena is really acing. Her tenth for this match, first game third set. Serena's service game will serve her well! Uh- oh, Azarenka may be broken here! Nope, deuce now. Serena goes for the lines, then the smash.  Good tactic!  Every seat is taken here. Azarenka places the ball in deep corner, Serena is wrong footed, Azarenka approaches the net then places overhead away from Serena.  That's how you play singles. 

These two players are so evenly matched.

You have to play the ball, not have the ball play you, said by commentator Mary Carillo.  Eleven aces now, Serena.  Azarenka corners Serena again, then a drop shot from the net.  Serena needs her focus back.

Serena throws a defensive lob, tthen Azarenka returns, Serena gets it and wrong foots  Azarenka. Serena may break back here! She does!! 2-2.

Ace number 13 for Serena. 3-2. Azarenka holds her serve, 3-3 now.

Serena's having a tough time recovering after her great serves. Triple break point. Now 4-3, Azarenka!

15-15 all.  Every point counts. 15-30, now 30-30.  30-40.  These are tough points, Azarenka got tight.  Uh oh, a tough line shot.  Azarenka gets lucky back to deuce, now has the Ad. Now wins the game with a volley down the line. 5-3.

Serena now serving to stay in the match. She's flatfooted- remember footwork!! 30-30.  Where are the aces? 40-30 now.  Now game to Serena. 5-4.

Azarenka serves for the championship. 0-15. 0-30. 0-40, Never taste a win before you have it. 15-40. Whew! Oh no!  Serena breaks back!! 5-5.

Wow, such great tennis here! Serena is a powerhouse! 15-0. 30-0.  Did she ht that ball twice? Ok, Azarenka has soft hands and angles for a win. 30-15. 40-15. Serena holds. 6-5.

Now 0-15 Azarenka serving.  15-15.  This is so intense!  30-15 now.  Both these ladies are true champions.  1985 last US Open tiebreaker if we go to that.  30-30. 40-30. Uh-oh. Deuce! Ad Azarenka. Deuce again.  Ad out, match point S. Williams.  Azarenka returns the ball long, out! 7-5.

Game, set, match Serena Williams! Congratulations for a huge, well deserved win!! 

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Serena's Racquet, and here's the link:

Wilson BLX Blade Team Racquet 

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