Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Such a unique bond occurs when parents help their daughters in their tennis game!  French player Bartoli has her dad as coach, we know the Williams sisters' mom and dad, and Maria Sharapova's dad Yuri has great advice for his daughter.  

There is something so special especially between daughters and their dads, an element of trust surfaces that is unique to any other. Bartoli's dad has her do resistance training, I like these resistance bands you can get at Amazon.  He knows his daughter is up against the best, so get her physically trained the best! 
Maria Sharapova Back Court Day Dress

This match today between Bartoli and Sharapova is a tough one for both players.  Chris Evert is a great commentator, another world class player coached by her dad! 

Maria's dress today is really pretty, using Fall 2012 muted pink and plum colors! 
Photo credits

Please see Nike for a more in depth tennis dress description,,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-531700.  

                                   You can also find a lot of Nike at Tennis Express!

I always like a white visor with black interior to shield from sun glare:

From Nike!! 

And Nike, thanks for the great logo!  Will Maria "swoosh" this match??

Both players are playing to win, there are wide momentum shifts, but both on serve in the third set. A lot of fist pumps here, Bartoli seems tired but her shots are strong.  Maria is facing the wall after points again. It is her way. Now Bartoli is dancing on the baseline, she is pumped! I do want Maria to win, I just think she has a more complete game, and she makes it look so easy, that is the sign of a great player. A big serve from Maria to close the third game, her second ace down the middle line Ad court.

"Clinch the 40-15 point and the 30-0 point," said by Chris today as advice from her father.

So much is focus.  Bartoli hit an 85 mile per hour winner to the service line corner, putting her entire body into the shot. Fabulous tennis. BUT, I think her concentration for the next two points was thrown, and now her service game is in fact broken and Maria is serving for the match now. Is there a moral here? Beware the fabulous shot?

Sharapova wants this match done, she looks very internalized right now. 15-15. Now 30-30. An ace by Maria. Oh my gosh! Bartoli returns out!

Game, set, match, Sharapova. Swoosh!!

As said by Maria Sharapova post-match:

"It's all about who wins the last point." ✈

Maria Sharapova's tennis racquet of choice!

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