Monday, May 14, 2012


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TENNIS:  lessons in humility.  I have to say, what a great opportunity the sport of tennis is, to get a solid workout, plus improve the mind besides. Tennis can get pretty crazy out there on the court, so in a match today, what helped me the most were two things~ keeping humble of mind at all times, and having trust in my partner. 

The humble part is tricky, and requires deep concentration coupled with a relaxed spirit to observe all activity, physical or otherwise, on the court and in the body language of opponents. Plus, keeping the mantra humble in mind provides an internal challenge to focus on the present moment, not thinking about gained or lost points previously.  It really helped today, for which I am grateful.  

And, trust in thy partner, sound easy? Not necessarily so, but in this case our symbiosis worked well.  She saw that I would hit a certain way, and respond in kind by putting the point away at net.  We worked well together, based upon mutual observation and respect.

Naturally errors will occur, but no need to dwell on them, instead we'd talk to each other and resolve to move on to the next point, no big deal.  And communication between doubles partners is so key to success, I think it can be a game changer if players talk to one another often, even with nothing to say.  Because when you talk and are together, the togetherness by itself creates a bond and higher strength than was there before, very effective indeed!  

So, get on out there, practice, practice, practice, and have a great tennis match! 



  1. Very true about communication! A relationship can improve at any time by using effective communication- say what you mean, use examples, and repeat yourself in a different way until your message is heard!!

  2. Words of wisdom, thank you BrookieBB!!