Friday, May 18, 2012


Hi!  I  just LOVE my new Head Youtek Instinct MP!!  I played a match today and played well, my serving was on key and I could successfully lunge for those hard to get elusive shots to the left and the right.  The racquet weighs 10.9 ounces, which adds weight and control to shots that otherwise would have less finesse and spin, and kept more of my balls at net inside the lines than out:

I definitely recommend this racquet for the hard core tennis player who wants to move up on the ladder and in the rankings. I did woof a few balls out, due to a not so well managed grip control on my part, something I definitely need to work on.  

But the control and depth of this racquet made up for some of those lost points, and I am quite pleased with the performance that Head Tennis has given tennis aficionadas as myself! 

Due to the weight of this tennis stick you may need some mild kettle bell strength training and do some pushups while you are at it!  Today I compared the weight against my opponent's racquet which was considerably lighter,  but its balance is 5 points light which is easy on the arm to reduce any form of tennis elbow.

The MP Model:


For those of you out there who won't part with a lighter model S, Head Instinct does make a lighter weight version with a slightly larger head of 102:


So, take your pick and have fun and get out there, spring and summer tennis is in full swing!☀

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  1. Good to know about the Head racket! I am thinking about investing in one!