Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hi!  What a whirlwind weekend we've had, all good, a college graduation and much celebrating for a beautiful group of girl grads from Boston College who are "off the charts" as one Dad commented! 

Today's youth are to be commended for hard work and lots of focus to do justice in this world of ours. Here's the Boston College podium, opening prayers, then speakers:

Bob Woodward, journalist, is third from left

 And how to maintain fitness while traveling? No easy feat, I tried, but was still pretty tired last night upon return by 2 AM. 

I drank as much water as possible, but one day made a mistake of drinking too much coffee on an empty stomach :( Otherwise, I ate fruit when available which kept me hydrated for, yes, UPCOMING tennis matches!  

When traveling try to spot anything healthy to eat and minimize all carbs, because somehow those culprits will creep in to your diet plans. 

I've been thinking about ways to set the mind on the tennis court and how to size up your opponent to optimize a win. 

You can lose when playing a weaker player, so I think that's when humility comes in.  It forces the mind to stay in the point and not wander. When playing against a stronger player, you have to really analyze their game~ how do they play?  Are they a baseliner, and if so, how should I hit to keep the ball away from them? 

Most superior players I've been up against have an obvious dominant side, then they use it to its fullest. Humility is an emotion (weaker opponent), whereas observation is more analytical (stronger opponent). In either case, you have to estimate your own tennis skill set and fitness level against theirs, then gauge your game strategy accordingly. 

And if your opponent is very similar to you?  Well then, expect to have a tough match which could be long and look for those nuances and weaknesses by testing a variety of shots.  

What a great game tennis is!  So much to talk about, have a good match and get on out there, tis the season! ☀

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  1. So glad you enjoyed BC graduation!! It looked awesome in the Wall Street Journal with photo of the day May 21! I also really want to get out on the tennis court soon-- great advice!