Friday, February 13, 2015


We all love Valentine's Day! Such a cold time of the year to warm your heart! Especially young people are so enamored with this fun, loving, simple holiday of goodness and togetherness. 

I think it is the togetherness aspect that resonates the most. Even if you don't have a date, groups of 20 somethings gather, it is a joyous time, an easy day. No date? Maybe you have a cat or dog, dress her up! Go shopping! Get something pretty for yourself or someone close to you, it does not really matter, that is the fun part of Valentine's Day.

I remember the time when I was in second grade on Valentine's Day. It was really, really cold. BUT, I had a favorite little dress I wanted to wear, and any amount of cold was not going to stop me!  I remember that day well. My mother warned me it was cold, but I said once I was in school I would be fine. So I got there, and Mom was right. It was still cold. So what? Only my arms were chilly really. I wore white tights, and my little black patent leather shoes, see how after all this time I remember?  

The dress was so cute, It was bright red, short sleeved with tiny gathers at the shoulder. I t was also gathered at the waist then fanned out from there, with a built in gauze slip underneath for structure. The waist band was a white lace, I guess I really did look like a valentine! Some of the other girls dressed up too, I had a really great day, and gave and received many wishes of love and hugs and kisses. Of course the little candies were especially nice, chocolates were my favorite. Where to find that little red dress today? Check out Bloomingdales, there is a wide selection and the prices do vary. Sales abound at this time of year, too!

And, let's get into more of the history of Valentine's Day, shall we? I always wanted to know, so as I research I will tell you also.  Here we go...

St. Valentine is the patron saint of love, young people and marriage. Also beekeeping. There are multiple websites out there to chose from for a biography, but not so fast! There may be two Valentines, there is conjecture, and although not permitted in the Catholic liturgy since1969, it is concluded that the two histories may be a combination of one person, so he remains an officially  recognized saint in spite of the variant histories. He is known to be a real person, who questioned the reign of emperor Claudius II  by secretly marrying young couples in the Christian faith, contrary to the custom and rule of Claudius II. It is known that Valentine was beheaded in 270 A.D. Marriage was discouraged because Claudius wanted young men to go to war, and with wives left behind the logistics would undermine a strong army. Such was the tone of the times.

St. Valentine of Rome
Click here for a nice link to St. Valentine's prayers, there are many! I especially favor the one called Blessing to Magnetize True Love.

More on Valentine's Day! Isn't it amazing that it lands in February? Yes, February 14 is the feast day for our Valentine, we know, but of all months in the calendar! 

February for me is like a rainy day. it is cold, dank, damp, and I have noticed many people like to keep to themselves, huddle over on a chilly day.  But, the upside is that I have discovered that you can get a lot done on a rainy day!  They are actually many of my favorite times, as I do get a lot acccomplished. I can focus on my work without interruption,  knowing that my associations are in huddle mode as well. Why not make the month of February a rainy day? Granted, more snow than rain, but in the calendar of months, I analogize that as a rainy day is to efficiency, so is the month of February to future success.  Get things done that you could not do before!  This entire month is your opportunity to address those areas in your life that need improvement. Do it!

Then, as March appears, as it will, and April too, you are ready! Momentum has been built and you are ahead of the curve!  You have prepared yourself for your peak performance in springtime and early summer, and could only do this successfully by using your month of February wisely. Yes, the old adage 'make hay while the sun shines' speaks to the beforehand, no hay unless you prepare and set up beforehand. Then, you can cut your hay and be productive when you are able and need to.

Ah, the absolute beauty of February, who knew?

A valentine from me to you, Happy Valentine's Day!

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