Tuesday, February 17, 2015


February is like a rainy day, welcome! I love this month! You can really make February into something lasting if you set your mind to it.

Think about it.  A rainy day. I get so much done on days like that, so why not make it an entire month in the annual calendar instead? I know, it is cold, dreary, the holidays are long gone, and not much happening, right? Wrong.

February is the month to plan, to clean up, to straighten all your affairs so that you can execute and enjoy the spring and summer, then kick back in the fall after you reap your harvest to prepare for the holidays once again.  So you see, February plays a crucial role in your entire year. 

Who knew?

What do you plan to do? You can~

  • Work on your fitness, yes, even in these cold months, put yourself in neutral mode so that when spring comes, you can approach your peak performance, get ready now!
  • Empty out a closet, yes, sounds mundane, but you would be surprised at the great feeling you get~ not mundane anymore!
  • Call a friend you have not spoken with in a while, you never know, they may be thinking of you, or have some news to share!
  • Address any medical concerns now, then you will be whole again come springtime!
This month of February is meant to be quiet.

Meditate. Pray. Take a deep breath. Give thanks for the beautiful world we live in.

February could easily be the king pin, the axis for your year.  

Be ready, know this and work this month to the best of your ability. February is a gift.


Some February beauty tips~

* Keep your hands hydrated!  I return to Clarins, their Creme Jeunesse des Mains hand cream is second to none! I have used this hand cream for decades, great for nails, too

* Eat fruit if you can, it provides natural hydration for your skin, lately I have been enjoying sliced mango with sliced plums for lunch, really filling and not expensive

*  Get plenty of rest, yes, 7 to 8 hours of sleep, try to get to bed 30 minutes earlier

*  Take care of your hair! This means no need to shampoo so much, let those natural oils    take over, grow out your haircut, see what condition your hair really is in, then correct as needed

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