Monday, June 4, 2012


Hi!!  Beauty in all that we do, easy or no?  It's looking for the little things in life that makes us whole.  The macro will resolve itself, but it is in the small tasks that we define in one another.  Take for example, the sky.  

It is blue, it is up there, and negating any catastrophic unforeseen event, the sky will be there tomorrow, too. Next, consider the clouds, how they effect the sun, our faces, our plans.  Now, another factor has set in to the given, and now let the games begin! That extra variable creates change, and it is in the management of that change is what defines what comes next.  Flexibility and being able to read a situation correctly for optimum performance is the ideal, and reachable with practice. 

 A trained eye, combined with experience, can lead to beauty in all we do.  It is in dealing with the unexpected and working with the tools that we have is what will assist us in gaining ground in our endeavors.  Keeping that good attitude and not blaming yourself or others is best. After all, when being critical, do we ever really have a pretty face??  Consider certain times when you were unhappy with a certain experience and conveyed those thoughts to another, was your face relaxed and body at ease during the exchange? I doubt it.  

Certainly stand your ground, but be sure to maintain composure all the while, look for that hidden kernel of truth, that small piece of information that can help you overcome whatever may be, so that in the future you are better prepared for a similar situation. You have now helped yourself and those around you, and perhaps frustrated a few others who are motivated to suppress you, but they will not win.  Not when you know that you will gain through knowledge and composure and creating learning curve for yourself.  

Find that little piece that is or is not working for you, look hard to identify it, and make it bigger than life, than the sky, to expose and embrace a weakness for strength. This approach builds beauty and will have a cumulative (or should I say cumulus?) effect, try it!  Have a great day!

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