Sunday, September 2, 2012

US OPEN 2012

Welcome to the 2012
 The US Open is rough, rowdy, complex and eventful!

It is so great to have these games back once again this time of year! 

Hi! I am watching Maria Sharapova in the US Open women's third round tennis match against Nadia Petrova. Amazing how Maria has come back in the second set to tie from 0-4 to 4-4. 

There is always hope!  Maria took that ball and kept it back in the lines, one shot at a time!  Twelve winners off the forehand, certainly Maria's shot! 

Nadia Petrova is playing great tonight, taking chances coming in to the net and it is paying off for her. Petrova is not going to give away the set, she's going to make it hard for Maria. She's a lean machine. Okay, both players are back on serve, Maria at serve 4-5 now.  It's so hard to play when you're down points or games, so tempting to play safe, which is truly sudden death in a match.  

Maria showed how to come back, and now it's business as usual to see who is the dominant player. You have to try to forget the past and play your present game.  Maria's serving and slamming the ball like mad, keeping it in the lines but not enough. Great winner by Petrova, time for a third set!

Whoa, over three hours, and just starting the third set!  This is  a very tough match.  Petrova is wrong footing Maria.  Now it's raining.  

Everything is Nike with Maria's clothing and sneakers.  Really like her dress, form fitting, slightly pleated skirt. Anthracite/University Gold.The back is really pretty with the gold accent lines:

Please see Nike link
 for more details!  
Maria's Back Court Night Tennis Dress

I LOVE the Nike "SWOOSH!" logo!!!

More rain delay!!

Congratulations to Andy Roddick, great match today, against Italian Fabio Fognini, both worthy opponents!  Andy, the crowd and the US Open love you, Fabio, we will see more of you!! See LA Times story for this match's details.

A quote of Roger Federer I really like, "Champions know that every court they walk onto will be difficult."  

Take nothing for granted, take no prisoners, be respectful of the sport and your opponent.

Maria is using her Head Instinct tennis racquet, it really keeps the ball under control, I know! 

 Here it is:

Okay, Petrova and Sharapova are back, it's a very tight match here. 

Maria likes to face the wall after a point is played.  A fist pump, perhaps a pep talk? "Keep fighting," she said later as advice form her dad. 

A packed stadium, Maria down 0-2, breaks Petrova, wins on her serve.

Maria is next up a break and serving powerfully, still a double fault, and now to lead at 5-3, a game away. At these levels, both players are clearly going for the lines. At 5-4, Maria serving for the match now. She's tight. She's serving great again. She's got it!!

Game, set and match. Sharapova.  ☀

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