Thursday, August 30, 2012


updated March 20, 2014

It is time for smoothies, for tennis athletes training in full force for spring! So much to talk about!  Today, this post will focus on best nutrition practices for the tennis court.  

We know about the benefits of the plum, see my post THE VENERABLE PLUM for health benefits and more (!). So what else is there to keep us beautiful inside and out? What's good, what's new?  

Add TEA to your favorite smoothie!!

I brew a favorite tea, and chill it for an hour or so, or even use it from the night before. I really like the brand Teavana, the loose tea is fresh and raw, with many selections.  I have tested and return to their oolong tea for long life:
Teavana Strawberry Blush!

And do something different this time~  For the past few months I have been blending different teas with fruit juices to create the perfect smoothie for a worthwhile effect on the body.

Remember THE APPLE!!  Put it in ALL your smoothie recipes!!

What I like to do is see what fruits I have on hand to make that perfect smoothie but I always add the apple, a perfect food. 

Next, I will mix up apples with raspberries or strawberries, definitely with frozen berries for chill, whatever I have on hand, take your pick!

Add banana and plain Greek yogurt (0% fat) for texture, maybe cinnamon for some pop, be creative with what you already have in the cabinet!

The flavoring of berries with tea actually reminds me of the chewing gum Teaberry from the 1960s, anyone remember this one?  It was my favorite, by the way, so no surprise the flavor has re-surfaced again in my smoothie recipe!

As for measuring ingredients, keep it simple:

Use 1 whole cut and cored apple and banana, 1/2 small bag of frozen berries, and a handful of washed strawberries, et cetera, put in blender, then after 1 min. remove and add 4 Tablespoons of plain yogurt, 1/2 cup very strong brewed tea, stir gently, and blend again for another minute.  

And here it is!!

Reminder: The challenge at any age is how to be and stay healthy, while building the body and mind for the future WITHOUT injury, because injuries will occur. Take care of yourself!

How we hydrate and build our muscle mass is crucial to fitness success.  I know this! What I have learned most is that what you put into your system has an immediate effect on your performance, as well as long term influences besides.

Each year will get harder with athletic acumen, and I have tested and tried many options to get my tennis game at its best. The smoothie is a big help!  You get your vitamins, it even makes the eyes brighter, and you have done something nice for yourself and your loved ones as well. 

To your good health, cheers!! ✈

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