Monday, August 27, 2012


updated February 15, 2015

The plum. Does anyone know what this wonder fruit offers?  So much, you'd never think such a tiny piece of fruit could be so good for you!  Look at its color, rich in deep reds and blues, no wonder plum is the preeminent color of nobility!  

picture of a plum

The plum has shown up in works of art, Paul Cezanne with his Plums and Pears, it has been a standby in works by Pablo Picasso, and as main character in still lifes by Jean Simeone Chardin, and by Jacques Linard, savor his Plate of Plums with a Loaf of Bread. As a worthy group the plum here holds Centre Court in all its glory!

Below is a detail from French artist Alexandre Desportes "Still Life with Silver," see the bowl of plums, as if they subtly support the whole structure of this momentous work:

Picture of Still Life with Silver, by AF Desportes

Please see Still Life with Silver, AF Desportes, 1661-1743, and enjoy!

So, what can the plum do for YOU?

Plenty!  The USDA data list as of March 2012  has an entire listing of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals in this tiny raw fruit.  It is superfluous for me to list them for you there are so many, so please take a look for all the benefits that are ours for the picking!

Plums are a low glycemic index food, here's an excellent article for you, with other links too on the benefits of this little gemLivestrong Plums and Diet Link.

Here's a great site,  a bit off the beaten path and medically approved, that tells us all about the plum. Do not forget the benefits of zeaxanthin from plums for healthy eyes and vision. Who knew?

Here is a great set of plum shadows, Dual -Intensity Eyeshadow by NARS!

Mesmerizing new Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow - available in 12 shades - $29

PLUM intensifies your eye color, mix it with BLACK for even higher drama!

BEAUTY TIP~ you can mix color and test differing brush sizes to meet your eyelash needs, I like to soften the shadows with mascara by lengthening the outside of my lower lashes only, and keep them smaller as you get closer to the bridge of the nose~ this approach keeps your eyes looking wider!

AND, for extra allure, NARS has a wonderful trio eyeshadow, in Arabian Nights!~

Great PLUM color! Go to Arabian Nights

                                             Have a plum today, or two, and enjoy!!  

AND, stay enraptured with fragrance!

I simply ADORE a top favorite perfume from the everlasting beauty Dame Elizabeth Taylor, for winter evenings bat those Violet Eyes, with light yet deep tones that envelope you for lasting allure and memories....

You can find Violet Eyes at


created for Dame Elizabeth!


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