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Cannot forget nail color! What are the best nail colors for Fall and Winter 2012? Something a little different, too, whether color, texture, shine, what's new? And here it is, another wonderful season to look forward to, what's in store??  

Answer:  More deep color complements for your matte or shimmery (your choice!)  makeup with opaque or deeply toned high gloss metallic plums, purples, greys and reds! 

Nars is healthy for the nails, and offers great shades besides.  I really like their base coat, it applies thin, protects, and minimizes any staining you may get from vivid reds and purples.  

Here's Nars Red that I love, called Dovima, I still have the shade from last season, and it applies as well as ever, at Nordstrom.  You can simply wear this shade ALL YEAR LONG!! I

If you like Sephora, check out this nail site for you! 

Has a clean, bright finish:
This shade of Red goes way into the Fall season and beyond...

NOVEMBER continues with a deeper high shine shade of Red mixed with definite Brown/Purple undertones. 

A HUGE favorite of mine from  Nordstrom is  

dressed to kill
Wear this shade on your tiny toes and match up with a chocolate brown sandal, looks great!  

Check out the Nars brand at Nordstrom, I love their NEW Grey color for Fall, Storm Bird,

AND at Sephora, please see this nail site for you

Has a clean, bright finish:           
storm bird
Pair up your personal nail color palette with an artistic gunmetal necklace on cream background of chiffon or cotton, your pick. Add a very different chunky ring to your look, just one choice of bling!

Here's a great subtle Nars purple/gold color, this shade with its gold caste is almost like velvet, quite mysterious and alluring.... 

purple rain

Purple Rain, wow what's in a name! I have not tried it yet, but I sure will! I bought it at Nordstrom, take a look at this Fall nail color and many more!

OR, if you like Sephora find Purple Rain at this nail site for you 

Once in a while I will apply a top coat to freshen up some color, but both the Nars and Estee Lauder brands have the built in shine so that extra layer is not really necessary. Both last a long time and the lacquer does not thicken. 

You can find ALL these colors at NordstromSephoraBloomingdalesNeiman Marcus and Amazon!! 

If you are in Paris, Nars can be found at Le Bon Marche and Au Printemps ♡

Or visiting London, at Space NK ☂

If you are an OPI fan, which I confess I am too, here's a really cute color box sampling four shades for Fall nail color 2012:
You can find these Ger-minis at Amazon!  Please see Ger-minis, the sizes are a bit smaller, and you get a great sampling of neutrals with deep metallic blues and plum.  Enjoy!!

Check out my fashion and makeup post FALL COLOR TRENDS 2012 for more!

Have fun with your color palette, and please, can someone tell me, Who comes up with these names anyway??

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