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I LOVE November issues! See Allure Russia with rich tones of magenta with silver, also Elle,Vogue Japan with traditional gold and blue to match topaz gem birthstones. 

And gorgeous Salma Hayek gracing Bazaar UK getting us prepped for the holidays in her tight little black dress.

Consult the experts to see what YOU can do differently for the Fall season. There are methods, think wisely and you don't need to spend much to create a new look~  

Page through these November issues of Allure RussiaElle, Vogue Japan, and Bazaar UK :


N.B. Each cover features a muted face palette, but then mixes up the look by either combining matte smokey eyes with red hot lips OR with a neutral lip with high gloss. 


The operative word here is BOLD. Be BOLD using a matte finish. Matte is still great for right now, with touches of HIGH SHINE on the cheek bones with a kiss of blush. 

Hang on, and save the glimmer and shimmer for the holidays, right now we are deeply into Fall, crisp air, bright sun, and perfectly smoothed complexions.  

LOOK for dominant triad colors of gold and purple for eyes with touch of green, see my post COLOR WHEEL FOR FACES for more on this color combo!

NAIL COLOR TRENDS 2012, shows more Reds, Purples and shades of Black and Grey. Estee Lauder has great nail shades, and lots of specials that will continue into the holidays, see ESTEE LAUDER FALL 2012 SPECIAL for more.

Remember, for most of this beauty 'pearls of wisdom' you can mostly use what you already have, it is in the application that differs for something new.  Observe the angles of the color application, the intensity or subtle shading of the color.

Courtesy of Sephora Nars Warhol collection
THE EYES HAVE IT gives MORE tips on keeping it simple yet current at the same time. And, be good to yourself and get one new item for Fall, better yet get it with a special promotion going on!  Be frugal yet generous at the same time!

And please be sure to be aware of your overall health, beauty first comes from within.  That is what counts, and can be worked on immediately, no waiting around for perfection.  What you do with your health and nutrition is an immediate decision, so be good to yourself and start with an 8 oz. glass of water! 

Another fun link for fashion color, I love the color circles! 

Meanwhile, help someone today, and pull out the venerable little black dress like Salma.  You can prepare for the coming days of longer nights right now by creating an evening look of mystery and inquisitiveness, ushering in the final phase of 2012!

               Have a great day, and stand tall, you have earned it!! 

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