Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Tennis, tennis, tennis!  It's great to find a fitness routine, and I am happy to say for me it is definitely tennis! Once I think I have a good feel for the game, something else new pops up, that's the fun part.  

The other day I had a very hot singles match, and after the first set, which was indeed a battle, I was truly wondering if I could ever finish the match.  We hydrated, took  a short walk to retrieve water for other players, and somehow I completed the next set and match was over.  

There is something thrilling, challenging about competing under adverse conditions, it prompts you to play a bit differently, conservatively, because each step you take may not be your last, but will contribute to wearing you down all the more sooner. 

A Division 1 college tennis player suggested I drink Pedialyte, a children's drink, which I had watered down in my ice jug.  It does help with electrolytes and water absorption, so necessary on a court that felt like it was burning up from the heat.  We played mid morning, but already the temperature was 94 degrees farenheit, with extremely high humidity (great for the skin!). So, whatever that temperature equates to on court I'd be curious to know.  

My goal was to keep the ball in, and even play tougher at times when I wanted so badly to slow down. That tactic really worked for me, and at times I didn't even play up too hard, but just a bit because of the heat. 

My opponent's shots really broke down, which surprised me as she was a nice player, you just never know sometimes, so hang in there! A friend on the adjoining court brought a banana, she said it keeps her legs from cramping, so that's a thought for you if you have that tendency.  

My Head Instinct racquet came in handy this past match, I wonder if Maria will be playing with it again? It gave me great control to keep the balls inside the lines, and has a very nice feel upon impact. 

My mantra this match?  Keep my eye on the ball!  And, Wimbledon is here, the playoffs have started! Yes, it is that time of year again, such a great sport tennis is! ✓

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