Friday, June 29, 2012


Sugar and spice and everything nice... 

Let's talk herbs and spices for a great level of fitness, to enhance your inner and outer beauty, and assist your favorite sport (tennis!).  

The Cinnamon Tree
Firstly, it boggles my mind that once war ships would battle over the spoils of cinnamon, a rare spice indeed once indigenous to the Amazon, its cinnamon trees were legendary and priceless, let alone difficult to find and successfully cultivate. Now, we just have to make the effort of finding this spice in the proper food aisle in our local grocery store!  

For a targeted list of herbs and spices to improve your fitness routine, I really like  

It's impossible to incorporate these suggestions all at once, but over time, one by one, make them a part of your day.  

And sugar?  Stay away from it, it's in most processed food anyway, certainly don't add it to anything.  if you cannot get away from sweetener, however, try Agave, much better for you, and does add flavor to yogurt, cottage cheese. 

This morning for breakfast, I had kefir low fat milk (a little fat is okay for women), mixed in with bran, banana and walnuts. Sprinkled with a teaspoon of cinnamon of course!  

Plus, one large cup of Teavana white tea, try, a spicy, robust flavorful tea with strong cinnamon flavoring for a great morning wakeup!   

... that's what little girls are made of! (Source, English poet Robert Southey,c.1820) ✍

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