Friday, July 6, 2012


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Hi!  I am prepping for a tennis singles match tomorrow morning, I am quite excited, especially since the weather is hitting an all time high of 102 degrees Farenheit!  How to stay cool and have your best match possible? 

Firstly, we are scheduled to play in the morning, every second counts, so even at 8:45 AM, the weather forecast is for 84 degrees Farenheit, not even real court temperature!  

I am packing a cooler with ice packs, my 100 oz.drink of Pedialyte with ice cubes, a packet of almonds for on court energy, 4 wrist bands, a head band, my Head Instinct racquet, and my spare Wilson racquet (heavens if a string is popped!).  

I'm really pumped for my match tomorrow morning, of course women's Wimbledon Finals are on at the same time, but I'll watch a replay if I miss some, and men's Finals are Sunday, I really am rooting for Federer, but this will be a huge win for Murray as well. 

So, for my match tomorrow, women's singles 4.0 USTA, I am hydrating a lot today, ingesting proteins and nuts (a little chocolate too as I had a craving, but just morsels to satisfy and nothing more :) ), and staying rested to conserve energy.  My psyche?  I am as ready as I can be.  

My mantra?  Keep my eye on the ball, stay in the point, and never give up. My serve is powerful, keep my eye on that ball too, and assume nothing, but watch-that-ball, so much of tennis is in the ball tracking!  Have a great day, and enjoy Wimbledon Finals as I will with my own tomorrow!! ☀

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