Wednesday, January 16, 2013


updated February  10, 2013

Nordstrom has a great Winter gifts for YOU! 

Nordstrom has special gifts per vendor, at this link~ SPECIAL GIFTS.  Very good selection of Clarins, AgentProvacateur, Estee Lauder, Lancer Dermatology, Revive.

Seven more weeks of Winter, so hunker down and be gorgeous!

Here are a few top picks to get you through~

For a winter fragrance purchase, for day I suggest YSL Paris, it makes the day so right!

$65 to $98 at Nordstrom

 Paired with memories of Paris, I love the YSL lip colors, they last + can apply light or deeper, your preference!  Every girl needs one great lipstick! 

Carry a jewel in your purse~

$34 at Nordstrom
For evening allure, may we suggest the bareMinerals Spotlight On:High Shine Eye Color Kit? 
bareMinerals $26 ($48 value) at Nordstrom
 And... evening fragrance, I just LOVE Chanel COCO Noir in the wintertime, it keeps me so warm inside!! Magnetic and uncompromising....

$98 to $130 at Nordstrom
 So, have some fun here, girls, and be majestic, it is that time of year!!!!

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