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Australian Open 2013 is here!  So very excited to learn the outcome of this Grand Slam, who will win? Who will be the big surprise?The tournament begins January 14 and lasts through January 28th. Two solid weeks of TENNIS!!

I have a few tennis favorites here, to be sure, as I know you do, too!


Nike Premier Maria

I love Maria Sharapova, she trains extremely hard with her yoga discipline, have you ever tried yoga? One of the toughest workouts I have done, when done correctly.  You must keep your focus internalized, your body tells you what to do. This approach has helped me immensely on court~ yoga has taught me that anything is possible in the moment.  Give yourself a chance, and you will find that so much match momentum can swing your way if you only let it. Maria wore this dress in her first win here, round 1!  Looks great!  Moves well!!

So, we know Maria has been training hard, who else out there, too? Serena Williams!!

I am so impressed with Serena Williams, I just finished her biography On the Line, it is so insightful, I have marked many pages to refer back to, it helps with her motivating words and expressive style to see what is possible, what can be done with a lot of motivation and self-discipline.  And, Serena wants to look good, too!  You are talented and gorgeous! Bravo for a job well done. You are an inspiration to us all!

And for the men, you know my favorites are Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic!
Take a good look at Roger, this is a recent picture as you can tell from his tightly wound frame with his intense focus as ever.  Again, there is that word: focus.  Roger shows us better than anyone how to do it~  keep your eye on the ball.  It is those little distractions, those nuances, that take our attention away from the ball making this game of tennis much more harder than it should be.  So, make life easier on yourself, keep focus, keep your eye on the ball, and no distractions. Do not even look at your opponent (this is my problem, as I like studying people so much).  Instead, be like Roger, you will be glad you did!! For MORE on Roger Federer, please see link at Perfect Tennis, Rested Federer Aiming for a Deep Run in Melbourne.

AND, Novak Djokovic, you have done so well, you are so fun, you make this sport of tennis look so easy!

photo courtesy of AFP
Look at the intensity of Novak as he tracks the ball.  Yet, his body is relaxed, try to find that balance, not so easy!  His back arm is extended, certainly not hanging, it has true value with the overall body mechanics, all placement to hit the best shot possible.

So, have fun, all players!  Good luck also to Venus Williams, Victoria Azarenka, Andy Murray, Isner is out with an injury, oh well, and to all contenders, it is truly anyone's match!

photo courtesy Andy Wong for AP
Novak Djokovic & Serena Williams

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