Saturday, July 7, 2012


Hi!!  Very hot on the tennis court this morning, and humidity at 59%! Temperatures hitting a high of 103 degrees Farenheit for the afternoon.  So, how did the match go?  

My opponent was a lovely young lady of 23 years from Germany, very strong with well placed shots with a definite slice. I discovered later that she is a 4.5 level player, as she completely wiped out all the other 4.0 level opponents, who are true to their rating. I am happy to contend at all with a player like this! In such heat!

Definitely got surreal out on the court~ intense, crazy, and pushing myself to get points and maybe a few games here. Tough, tough, tough!!!

She had a killer serve that I was able to return okay... when she didn't ace me twice!! 

My game was not on today unfortunately as much as it could have been, I do think it was the heat more than anything.  Also tough to run down her balls (she hit the ball early), my shots would break down too quickly due to a slippery racquet grip, and even the wrist bands were no help in this weather.  

If I hit her a short ball to the service line, she quickly got to it, then simply angled it even shorter to the side, just impossible for me to even get to. Great control. Effortless!

Hydration definitely kept me in the match, but I'm sure you've guessed by now this was not a win for me today :( But I did get a few games and the points were good and some were close. 

What this situation does tell me is that I need to expect the unexpected and also keep working on particular areas and overall fitness:  upper body strength to place shots under extreme conditions (if I could have 1 oz. of Serena's strength :) and congratulations on winning Wimbledon today, too!!), also, no caffeine at all in the morning as it inhibited my breathing capacity, especially tough in this extreme heat, and improve upon my own slice shots and power up my serve even more.  

All good goals. My hydration was fine, and taking two towels was quite effective afterwards to help cool down, one for the face, the other for hands, arms and legs! 

Hot or not, get on out there and give your best, remember that the same court conditions hold for your opponent as well! ☀

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