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Here are the gorgeous Wimbledon winners' trophies, for men on the left, women on the right:

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Today I am so excited for Roger Federer's BIG Wimbledon win today, I have to write about it!

Andy Murray played the best I've seen, he was a worthy opponent and the match momentum gave great play from both.  

The one commentator quote that stays with me, and there were many, is this one: "Roger loves the game of tennis, and tennis loves him." 

What a great quote. It evokes so much, and really makes me think of a lot of my motivations, desires, wishes and goals for my involvement in this fabulous sport.  Do I sometimes try too hard, so I don't let the game of tennis do what it needs to do, essentially love me back??

Sounds a bit crazy, I know, but is there actually something to this thought? Afterall, these commentators are seasoned athletes themselves, and we can certainly learn from them.

Perhaps it is this very dance we do with a sport, or anything else for that matter that we care about, that we need to take a step back, and let things happen, let the event itself embrace us and give back what we have given to it.  

But remember we have to create the opportunity and then let the game give back to us; if we dominate the sport of tennis itself, we are not letting it give back, and in essence we are inhibiting future growth curve of our own development, plus what the game can do for us.  

Here's the racquet Roger uses, the one that loves him back, just like the game of tennis!!
Wilson Pro Staff 90 Blx Tennis Racquet 4_1/4:

Have you had such an experience with a sport, where the better you love the game it rewards you back? I think in the simplest of terms, the more you love something, the more relaxed you are, and the better the results. 

Such is the finesse I witness with Roger, truly the greatest tennis player of all time. ♡ℜ

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