Saturday, July 14, 2012


updated March 16, 2015

I have found a tennis mantra that helped me come back in the first set of a singles match against a very worthy opponent, my daughter!  She's winning 4-1, her angle shots were directly to the service box corner, help, what to do?  

She's racking up tennis points like crazy, and I am immediately watching this match slip away really fast. I had to get my mind on track, to take a deep breath and say to myself that I am a good player, but, that just wasn't enough, by any means.  

What more? 

To digress for a moment, I was in a doubles match a few days ago, and my partner had a Head racquet, and spinned for serve asking our opponents, mountain or valley?  

During that match, we came back in the second set as I said to myself, "Climb the mountain, climb the mountain." 

Our tennis opponents were clearly tired and making errors, so we were able to take 3 games straight in a row. During my tennis singles play, then, I examined the Head dampener on my racquet, and commanded myself to "climb the mountain."

It worked!! I won the next few games and took the set at 7-5. I usually don't like to mention particulars or scores in this blog, but I am now because having the correct mindset can make all the difference, especially at a tough time in a match.  

But I also did more in my tennis match yesterday.  I had to find a way to climb that mountain, but how?  

My game's okay, those service box angle shots are very difficult to get so I'll practice them another time, so, what to do now?? 

I found my weakest spot, and converted it to my advantage: my Ad court serve.  I tossed the ball even higher, made sure my body was turned, and did something I needed to do:  cock the racquet behind my head before extension. 

It's the very cocking motion of the racquet and consequent wrist snap that made all the difference for a powerful serve.  I make that motion naturally on the Deuce court, and against a worthy opponent, you have got to bring your entire game to the court. 

Winning on serve brought my game back, one rung at a time.  

Focusing on the Head logo dampener kept me on track, and even when near to closing out the set, I knew I wasn't at the summit till the set was over, period.  
 Then, just like climbing K-2, I reached the summit... and closed out the set.  

Game, set, match.

 Thanks Head Tennis for a great logo!
And doubles partner, your "spin" worked! 

My weapon of choice, the Head YOUtek Instinct S

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  1. Wow! I'm really going to to use this "climb the mountain mantra" in my real life and not just on the tennis court. Every day is a new feat :)