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Here we go! Another round of 2014 Slams, for the next two weeks, we have Wimbledon 2014.  The official calendar starts the tournament June 23rd through July 8th.  Anything is possible! Such is the excitement, the suspense of a Grand Slam.

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Not much is really new since the French Open 2014 a few weeks ago, so for this article, I choose to focus on the court.  We know the players, and hope that Roger Federer will win to make this tournament his 18th major.  We shall see. And Serena, she is back, strong as ever, if only I could be as solid in form and play as she!  And many other important players, it is so exciting to see such talent on the courts, such motivation, determination, valor and vigor.

Wimbledon takes us to the grass court. This tournament is held each June at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon, England, now in its 128th year.  Already in round 1, we see Bouchard of Canada slip on the grass, ever so gracefully, folding her legs and feet underneath her as she leans forward in a bow to the court.

We need to watch Roger Federer's game play. Coach Stefan Edberg has the serve and volley down, hopefully his expertise will transfer to Roger, and we can see a 32 year old fabulously fit champion shorten the points and take away the trophy. Grass is the perfect storm for this strategy. The ball bounces slower, long rallies are shortened, best bet is to put the ball away as soon as possible. And Roger has honed this skill.

I have noticed as a player myself, the court configuration has meaning to the game.  Here, at Wimbledon, yes, we have grass.  Notice that at the baseline, the grass is most worn in the middle.  So? you may ask.  Even this seemingly unimportant observation has huge repercussions to your game.  Why? When in singles, return to the middle zone of the baseline for the highest probability of returning the next ball. Sounds obvious, but when you are out there, all by yourself, how soon we forget! 

Notice the wooden posts, made of American ash, hinged with brass levers, stalwart in their work to keep the net just so.  So natural yet formal, they speak of value marking the importance of this esteemed event~

The grass itself appears in vertical wide stripes, first time I noticed this year, perhaps it reminds the players to move forward and back, not simply laterally.

And the lines, are they tape, chalk, paint? Any guesses?  The lines are applied by a "transfer wheel marker" using a white compound containing titanium dioxide for durability~

all courts are re-lined and mowed daily during the Championships
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And of course, the television guide!  

I like Bleacher Report, click here for the television listing and live stream for early rounds through June 30th!

FOR FINALS! Including Match stats~

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