Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Today was a very tough day at Wimbledon for tennis champion Serena Williams. Everyone knows by now how she left her match after serving out a game at 0-3 with her partner Venus Williams.

Many are commenting on her condition, and yes, this article is no exception.  I will address this commentary as events unfolded and from the viewpoint of match play~ how you never really know what is  going on with your opponent.

First, Serena and Venus are sitting on the sidelines, Serena is clearly not right, her eyes are glassy, she seems mildly disoriented, and Venus is quite concerned along with truly, everyone else. The audience, the trainer, the chair umpire, the coach, the commentators, her mom.   Each witness with her own concern.

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The two doubles partners decide to start the match, 13 minutes have gone by, without even much of a warm up.  During that period, Serena was dropping balls, not hitting properly, disoriented to say the least. 

Yet, Serena Williams is a champion, as is her sister.  They decide to play, Venus serves first, and loses on her serve although some points were won.  All by Venus save one.

But then, watching this, you figure, well, it is not all that bad. Serena is fit, she tried for a high ball that still sailed over her head, maybe she will get better. Maybe this is not too bad.

The next game is easily won by her opponents, then it is time for the litmus test. Serena is up to serve.

This is terrible, she can hardly toss the ball, the ball drops, dribbles along, she is able to pick it up along her ankle with her racquet, but then the serve goes south.  Her second serve is just as poor, and so on.  

The game and match is conceded by the Williams sisters, and as the match is now retired they walk off the court a bit in dismay, a bit confused, and oddly a bit relieved.

What is going through everyone's minds is the same, Serena did not belong on that court at all. Anything could be going on with her physically, mentally.  And something serious, too.  She could be having a stroke, this malady can strike anyone, against popular opinion it only attacks the elderly.

How does all this relate to you?

Serena is a champion, yet even a champion has weaknesses.  Granted, not all the time, yet there can be that one instance that something is going on with your opponent who otherwise seemingly appears invincible.

The invincible opponent may very well have certain concerns, and you as a worthy opponent, must keep a sharp eye for these traits~

  • Mental confusion, as in not looking at you clearly, trouble tracking the ball, forgetting the score
  • Physical weakness, such as dragging a foot, favoring a shoulder or leg, you get the picture

Tennis is an opportunistic game, and as long as you are as observant as can be, you will have an edge that you never had before.

Here is another informative link from ESPN TENNIS on Serena's match and her condition, the WTA has relayed she is suffering from a viral infection.

Meanwhile, we all hope Serena gets well, and we look forward to many more matches to come, soon! The US Open is right around the corner!

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