Wednesday, July 18, 2012


updated February 26, 2015

Hello, there!  I have brought back the venerable watermelon into my diet plan. I used to think it was simply an aqueous fruit that kept you cool in the summertime without much nutritional value, but I have since learned much more about this giant of a gourd!  
The Watermelon
The secret ingredient? Nitric oxide~ supports body building and muscle strength.  As women, we need extra support in building our bodies, with some extra effort of 2X per week, we will not look like those professional muscle building types, but instead will have tone and good skeletal support. 

Back to the watermelon: it is chock full of nitric oxide, naturally! 

Another great site is at Livestrong about nitric oxide and this worthy fruit! This fruit will definitely help with your tennis game, besides support your circulation and strengthen your blood for serious tennis matches. The rind has the most nutrients, surprisingly enough. 

And chocolate?  Replete with nitric oxide, too!  So, be guilt free and get some semi sweet chocolate morsels, they are less calorie driven and satisfy cravings, but just half of a handful, please!  Too much chocolate contains fat and if you are not careful too much sugar. Read your labels.

Take a peak at this link I found on Amazon, nitric oxide lozenges are a great alternative to capsule intake, and you can easily carry them in your purse or pocket for when your schedule is best to take the supplement.

Another Amazon link I have for you is a very telling book by Nobel prize winner Dr. Louis Ignarro on the HUGE benefit of nitric oxide on your heart health to strengthen and prevent damage, in paperback. 

And, telomeres, can't talk enough about this new input into my arsenal of sought after well-being, what exactly are telomeres??  Studies maintain that you want to augment telomere length as greatly as possible to inhibit cancers and increase longevity.  See also,  telomere length and aging, great stuff here! 

I find the correlation between telomere length and Vitamin D compelling, so some sunshine is good! I always feel stronger after being outdoors for any period of time, so seek out any activity that puts you outside with nature. 

As a blogger, I must underscore to you my audience that these are basic articles that introduce you to the medical findings on the role of telomeres in our chromosomal composition. Please be sure to seek personal medical advice from your doctor or health care provider to best question and implement these findings into your own daily routine.

As perspective~

I am not a doctor, but personally research these findings either through the internet or from my friend and colleague base.  I have also helped with healthcare and aging over the years since the age of twelve, with family members and visits to nursing facilities, having children of my own, so I have a long term, continued experience in healthcare, aging, and getting the most out of life, especially now in our middle years and beyond. 

That is the goal, Fit Lovelies~ to extend the middle years experience not to end at the age of 60 as in our parents' and grandparents' generation and concede old age, but to go well beyond, to the age of 85, or 90 and beyond! 

So then, kick back with a cup of decaf green tea, or south african rooibos, and say that yes, our middle years were the best!  

Be sure to help your parents and children, your friends, and hopefully society somewhere along the way as well. This daily approach will contribute to a worthy life. 

And, yes, in my 80s I will be suiting up for my next singles or doubles tennis match that day, packing my watermelon and chocolates (in a cooler!).          

Have a great day, help someone and get outside!


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