Wednesday, June 20, 2012


First day of summer!  Spring tennis is almost finished, it's been a roller coaster season, all good in terms of learning curve of course.  My singles game is a work in progress, there's so much going on in that game, but a well seasoned coach told me once to "stop thinking and get out there and play!"  

That is my objective ~when you are on court by yourself, it is you and the ball, nothing else. In years past, the singles tennis court could seem daunting at times, larger than life! But this season I've been able to shrink its size, dig in deep with my shots, with the help of my Head Instinct racquet, which gives me terrific solid shots and feels so secure to hold especially during tough points.  

My opponents are worthy and to be commended, we often ask each other, why are we doing this?  What do we get out of the sweat, the sore muscles, the blow to the ego with a shot/game/match lost? We get A LOT out of tennis, that's why we keep coming back, year after year.  

First and foremost, we garner self esteem and accomplishment, win or lose. It's tough out there and we know it and we love it.  It is the passion for the game that keeps us coming back. Our fitness level improves, our circulation gets moving, and the social side expands our network. Plus, win or lose, we all get something new from tennis, each time a match is played.  

Competition is good, it forces you to go for shots that otherwise would be foregone in recreational play (unless you have a group of players as in my Monday group! :)). 

My doubles game has improved immensely, thanks to singles play, but is a very different game nonetheless. I walk out on court relaxed and ready, 50% of the work is already done due to sharing half the court with my partner. That gives me time to recoup energy, place the shot, put-away the point. 

In singles, you have to construct the point, place it, put it away, more easily said than done. Regardless, both tennis singles and doubles are great options of play. 

So, get on out there, singles or doubles, win or lose, because in the end you have won~ you've done something positive for yourself and others as well today, enjoy! ☀

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