Saturday, June 16, 2012


 Hi!  Let's talk supplements and nutrition right now.  There's so much out there, where to begin? Here's an example from a conversation I had yesterday with a quite worthy tennis singles opponent.  

She asked me what I was doing/taking, because she observed that I "don't have any wrinkles."  Thank you for the compliment!  Here's what I told her:  definitely supplement with calcium, glucosamine and chondroitin once a day, every day, fish oil every 2 days, but I'm ramping this up to every day for joint health.  

Also, I don't take a multivitamin because I have a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables, but I also supplement with targeted B vitamins such as biotin for hair and nails (it really does work, my hair color is real, minimal grays, and richer in tone), and choline and inositol for liver metabolism and cell health.  

Vitamin B12 is beneficial for those of you out there who don't eat meat, I like the dissolving intake  best. Occasionally vitamin E with booster selenium for anti-oxidation. I take vitamin C when it's been awhile, and magnesium once a week for brain health.  A definite must for heart health is my favorite coenzyme Q10. This supplement is really popular in the Asian countries. Coenzyme Q10 in a dose of 100mg can lower my blood pressure in 20 minutes by 10-15 points, I have measured this difference with my own monitor. 

Also, do some research on telomere lengths and its role in cell composition, dna, and longevity.

 I'm still working on minimizing that crease between eyes at the forehead ~ practicing less squinting and relaxing the area, plus relieving congestion to minimize inflammation of the sinuses. The area has been maintained and improved somewhat, but will remain as my personal definition I think!  

Beauty tip for the day: Try LANCOME'S ABSOLUE EYE PRECIOUS CELLS, I sampled it last night and woke up with refreshed eyes, minimal puffs, and increased softness, no eye irritation whatsoever!  Let me know if you have a favorite! 

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Have love in your heart  and give someone a hug today! ♡

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