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Hi there, check out this article, Are You Turning Your Salad into Junk Food?  So many times it is easy to reach for that bottle of salad dressing and to literally pour on the calories!

Beware, take heed with your actions, and realize there is art in what you do. 

The Acacia Tree, South Africa
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Replete with healthful benefits, the acacia tree has healing properties for the colon, your immune and digestive systems.

Make your own dressings, and use this Round Acacia Wood Salad Bowl, 12" healthy for you and cleans up well, it will keep you focused on the greater pleasures of mealtime and not dousing on the calories!

Keeping yourself beautiful inside and out is not easy, we want to stay fit and healthy to do all those things we need and want to do. Life is to be enjoyed and contributory, and savoring a terrific salad of greens can be incredibly beneficial to our health, beauty and well being so we can reach our goals. 

Have some style and make mealtime an event!

I read over and over, the more colorful our plate is, the better.  Try not to over soak it with the wrong salad dressing, really detrimental to the heart!  Even in the 1970s my dad knew this, and he made his own dressings for that very reason.  

There are wonderful oils out there, I  like grape seed oil for a slightly different flavor than the usual olive oil, and so many vinegars that are not only laced with the usual red wine, but with onion flakes and other little delicacies.  

Be creative and be your own advocate on your health.  After a few trial and error sessions of what works and what does not, you'll be pro active in your quest and getting results soon.  

So much of self betterment is sticking with your plan.  Top athletic coaches have done this, Tony Dungy for one. Even when the going was rough and sodden in new terrain, Coach Dick Vermeil called him to say he was on the right track and to hang in there, the tide would change for the team. 

 And it did, Tony's football team went on to win the Super Bowl, and you can too, make your own super bowl of colorful greens and creative dressing for beauty inside and out, any good recipes you' d like to share?  Take care! ✍

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