Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Fountain of youth?  Beauty in a bottle?  Why this obsession with something we can't control, or can we?  So much science is out there to help us, but barring any obvious exceptions, we can control our own future wellness. Dr. Mehemet Oz has great YOU series books out, that summarize how to conduct your health management, how the body works, and unlike other health gurus he not only professes moderation and understanding as key to long term success, he makes the process fun also! In my middle years along with my tennis and long term school friends, we constantly strive for betterment, to extend our years to contribute to our families and communities.  Working the physical with the mental and emotional is a constant dance of checks and balances, but it is important to try to maintain that balance, no matter the obstacle. I've noticed in my tennis game, I need to improve my competitive skills~ a quote I came across professes to be comfortable in uncomfortable conditions, be a warrior, take that calculated risk. Conversely, make your opponent uncomfortable, take away that edge she may feel if she's up a game or set.  This will be my focus for an upcoming singles match I have in a few days.  I've been eating less to burn off some unneeded fat :) and for the next two days I plan to load with protein (but not too much!) so I am prepared to physically compete at my highest level. Staying hydrated with minimum 64 oz. of water each day. Meanwhile, staying true to who I am, I plan to continue my fitness each day as possible, even if not actually working out so I don't overstrain muscles, but instead watching calories and standing tall!                                                         Have a great day!! ✈

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