Friday, June 8, 2012


Fit beauty and you into your own equation for a lasting life style.  

A challenge to be sure, but achievable nonetheless!  With practice, humility and a trained eye you can create a whole new you, just give yourself some time and have some patience with yourself. This is not easy for me, as I get frustrated at times and then lose sight of my goal.  But it's okay to 'fall off the wagon' so to speak, maybe it's nature's way of saying that you need a break, a rest for a bit. 

During off time, I try to focus on what is my unique style, what makes me unique from everyone else, we each have our own style, we just have to find it, but how?  

You can observe others and test out what works for them, all the while tweaking here and there to create your own definition. This approach can apply to your tennis game or any sport or fitness program you are involved with, a job or college interview perhaps, creating great art or that next best seller novel, the possibilities are endless. But with that search, there will be pitfalls, mistakes, a wondering why bother in the first place attitude, and other negativities. That realm is simply a part of self improvement, so it's best to accept that and keep moving forward. 

Effort is key, which takes energy and a plan.  

Start a plan, and then after some time, your unique style will begin to emerge. I tend to be a heavy hitter in tennis, but every so often I force myself to take a break, soften up that stroke a bit, and see if anything better emerges.  Sometimes it does, others it doesn't.  But be on the look out! Observation is important, train yourself with the little aspects in your activity, then build up to the bigger challenges. 

Have a plan, then execute it! 

You can even apply this concept to doing a great face makeover.  You layer the moisturizer, primer and makeup, blending as you go, and it is in the blending that becomes your little successes, you can tell immediately that you are on the right track when you step back and notice that yes, what I'm doing is working, I look like my better self!  

Then, a few touch ups here and there, try YSL Touche Eclat which is a great concealing tool for smoothing eye area and any of those ugly age spots (yuck!). You can easily find this fabulous tool at Sephora:  
Touche Eclat at Sephora
That simple smoothing technique is that one extra small step you've done that has now been incorporated as a change toward the  path of creating your own style, you've accomplished a physical improvement with your visage.  This skin corrector has morphed from a little tube of makeup into a tool to boost self esteem, an art implement to improve appearance.  

This is just one little example on how to create style, you can also look for your own style with manners just as in doing your face or finding that best tennis shot. The common denominator is practice

There is no getting around it, so figure out how to optimize your time in setting out a plan for self improvement, and do it, one tiny step at a time. Let me know how you're doing! ☀

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