Sunday, September 23, 2012


This South Korean dance Gangnam Style has gone viral!!  This is a must-see:

Photo credit by Associated Press


Wow, can we say anything more?? The energy here, the color, the absolute love of dance, this is a real calorie burner!!  

Globally, this video is very important, there is nothing like great art to unify all nations, all cultures! 

 A hit is a hit, plain and simple. The beat is fun, the look is new, and the editing flows from one new dance routine to the next.

Makes you want to jump and sing!!

From for calories burned per hour for a cardio dance workout: 
Calorie Expenditure Profile
According to NutriStrategy, a weight loss and fitness website, a 130-lb individual can burn 413 calories from one hour of high-impact cardio dance aerobics, or 295 calories from low-impact cardio dance. A 155-lb individual can burn 493 calories from high-impact cardio dance or 352 calories from low-impact cardio dance after one hour

Congratulations, Psy, your Gangnam Style has the most YouTube likes in history!! 

            As the saying goes, If the shoe fits, wear it!! 

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