Wednesday, September 26, 2012


updated February 27, 2015

Get organized and de-clutter your life!!  Heard that a lot lately, hmm?  But, easier said than done! Decorate with style and try one little thing to accomplish each day, and you will be surprised.  Do this each day, and voila, by the end of the week you have a whole new you!

Give yourself finite accomplishments, this way you will want to do more.  Satisfaction at the end of the day is the goal, to remain fit mentally and physically a good night's sleep is a must.  So, I submit to you a photo of a dining room as an example of working with space:

Photo credit by Macys

Take a good look. Not much space is required in this room to look luxurious and inviting.  There is no clutter, papers, or extraneous objects to distract the eye of the beholder.  The design is vertical, to use the open air space and create dimension.  The color is uniform ecru, with contrast of rich browns and tones of gray.  The windows are tall, bevelled, to match the table pedestal.  The lemons in their tall container add balance to the room's height, suggesting a much larger room than the actual square footage!

The edges of the white rug are sharp and clean, contrasting with the dark, rich and shined wooden floor.  Even the shadows under the chairs garner interest, they play with the light from the windows creating their own theme and dance of line versus solid planes of color.

One reason a few years ago the Gangnam Style routine is so popular is because Psy works with space like a pro. He uses his eye contact with the camera, his speech patterns, his body angles, his outfits, his choreography relating with those dancers around him: all the same way a room is successfully designed.  

Except Psy's room here is his stage. Please see my post SOUTH KOREAN GANGNAM CRAZE for more!

To be fit and beautiful, your living space counts. You do not need a large space, in fact the challenge is optimizing the smaller spaces, and to do this, go vertical!

When you are finished at the end of your week, reward yourself for a job well done!

                                                          Here is one great lipstick:

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Enjoy, and go VERTICAL!!

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