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Working with color can be very easy on the budget, so much of staying in the moment is switching around those things we already have and making them new once again!  Take advantage of what you DO have, purchase clothing and cosmetics when necessary, and remember you are making a wise investment in yourself and for the future.

Today I have been sorting through some items, and realize that the chocolate brown leather Ralph Lauren skirt I have had for, ten years? luckily still fits, and will look great this weekend paired with a wine colored satin blouse I have had, get ready for this, since BEFORE children! It was a gift for which I remain very grateful. 

The outfit will be accented with a new brown leather belt I found at Anthropologie in Boston, then while getting a gift for a friend, I saw it on sale at home, so I retrieved the receipt, and went back and saved $20.00! 

 Pair all this up with a pair of black platform pumps I found on sale at the end of last winter, at DSW, and now I have a stylish outfit for, get this, a total of $55.00!  

If you leverage my original total cost of $55.00 over seven months, then for the cost of the entire outfit I have spent $7.85 per month, or $0.26 a day for the benefit of owning a quality belt and a great pair of platforms that will last, how long? A few decades to be sure?? I am not factoring the blouse (a gift) or the skirt, as you could argue that original cash spent decades earlier has converted to an investment, so if you leveraged all items, I have actually made income, as they are in good condition and would sell, and I have had the added extra benefit of enjoying them all the while:) 

Caveat:  your closet is an investment, buy for the long term, never toss after a year or two, unless you made a shopping error, then get rid of it!!

Of course, being girls this dressing effort is simply the canvas, now the accents to our persona, our makeup color palette!  This weekend I have decided to use simple tones of highlighter eyeshadow, with a muted brown for the lid.  

For cheeks I will use a generous sample I already have, a really great Rosy Cream Blushwear by Clinique.  

Here's a great neutral shade:
Rosy Cream Blushwear at Lord & Taylor
For a final finish, as the air is still warm, I have been using Clinique's Blended Loose Powder. An entire container can last at least a year, and be sure to store in a dry location!

This wonderful, lightweight powder will set your makeup for a flawless finish and minimize pores without a heavy look, give it a try:
Blended Loose Powder at Lord & Taylor
You can find Clinique at all major department stores.

ALWAYS buy your cosmetics with the gift specials, with the exception of last minute must-haves :)

MORE Promos:  Please see my POPULAR POSTS column, righthand side, for ongoing promotions!! Thumbnail pictures and links for Clinique, Estee Lauder, Lancome!!! 

 If you like Elizabeth Arden, check for specials on the Arden site or postings here on FIT BEAUTY AND YOU.

 Use the SEARCH button, sometimes a really good promotion pops up, keep a sharp eye!

Meanwhile, remember to use what you DO have, save, and with a part of those savings get something special that you may hold onto for a decade or two!! 

And get something for someone else besides, make THEIR day!!

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