Friday, December 25, 2015


Dear Fit Beauty and You Readers,

     A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!! I am so pleased and blessed to have you as my audience and readers, and each day if not writing I am thinking of you and how to improve all our lives, one step at a time.  
     Christmas is a time to rejoice in the promise of salvation and the recognition of true beauty in our lives. Beauty is quiet, it is strong. Beauty enhances our days and promises to make each day better, a gift that is forever present, such is beauty.  Such is Christmas.

     Christmas is also a time of reflection.  Where did the year go? 2015, you say? Here one day gone the next?  Think in broad terms, what did you accomplish?  Who did you help? Are you happy with your choices? If yes, or no, why or why not?
     The nice thing about Christmas is that we are all the same.  We are human, a part of the human condition whether we like it or not.  The birth of Christ gives us beauty in our lives. No matter our religious or spiritual background, I would think that we can all agree that Christmas is a special time.  It just is. Because in our hearts we know that we have received God's greatest gift of all, His son, to dignify our humanity.
     Today December 25th is the first day of Christmas. There are twelve days in all. I like that. The sequence of days allows us to rejoice and reflect, ample time to consider ourselves, our world, and how to improve in small or big ways as we see fit.
     And how about being fit?  I have come to decide that we can do so much to succeed in our lives, each day, each moment. Feeling down, not right? Try to flip that thought or feeling, get rid of it!  There is another way to approach life, nothing is easy, we all must do the hard thing to progress.  And we are made to do hard work, we can do it! One of my techniques is to force myself to work hard, even harder, and keep the momentum moving. And moving some more.  No sense in clock watching!  Get in the flow and stay there!  
     The flow of the twelve days of Christmas is perfect for fully being a part of the yuletide season. There will be ups and downs, more energy than others, but the promise of the twelve days of Christmas allows for slower times too.  It is okay to have a slow day, or two, or three.  No big deal, really.  I have discovered it is the slow times that are actually precursors to much larger times ahead.  We are meant to recharge and rejuvenate ourselves during the ebb of our lives, so use that time wisely. Recognize it!
     And so here we are at the threshold of a new year. Plan now and do what you plan, even modifications are okay but try to stick to a plan. Plans give us structure and an end point. Closure. Yes, somewhat like the game of tennis. A beginning, middle and end. Think about how you start, be a good observer. Then you do the work, you follow your plan, then you execute a finish.  And to do that closure, you need more power and strength than ever before.  As I said, nothing worthwhile comes easily, but change for the better does occur. Look for it! Work for it!
     A joyous Christmas to you, dear readers, you make my day happy and bright!
     A very Happy New Year, dear readers, you have so much in sight!

With appreciation,
Your FBY publisher

Teri Jon

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