Wednesday, December 30, 2015


To All My Readers, 

A Happy New Year 2016! So much to say, so much to do! 2016 promises to be a year of doing, we are on our way to make the most of what we have got!

Not to worry, actually, as long as you are healthy, the world is truly your oyster. There is so much wonderful information out there, and access to it, that there are no excuses! The hard part is sifting through all that wondrous information, which is real, which is not?

I go for the best medical advice first, as in Mayo Clinic, the NIH (National Institute of Health), the top universities, and then the more niche links to get me on track with what I am researching. 

As for cosmetics, the big brands are good with staying power and brand awareness,  but the niche are turning out to be winners in my book. NIKKEN True Elements made from the biology of the sea. 

And JURLIQUE ~ Explore these bestselling skin care products. All made with the finest and most potent natural ingredients.

How about NARS? Fascinating to me as a brand. They are big yet niche at the same time, a tough feat to accomplish and they have succeeded. NARS is in the big box stores, yet maintains that edgy quality of superior color and contrast to the human face that remains unsurpassed in other beauty lines (check out their very natural eye lashes, too!).

CLARINS is a lasting skincare favorite of mine, creating a niche market of plant based products, so early on in the1970s and remaining a leader today, congratulations!

KATE SOMERVILLE has been a winner for me this holiday, love her eye makeup remover! A lot to be discovered with KATE!

And fashion? Clean out those closets and get with the program, this is 2016! My daughters gave me a TED BAKER gift certificate, a WOW surely! Know where you are in this stage of life, keep current but know your boundaries to make the most of who you are, not someone else. Not so easy, but keep trying and your own identity will emerge. Try new things, and edit as you go along.Check out the ~ New TED BAKER US site here!

The biggest plus in life is attitude.  You have heard it before, but it is certainly worth warranting again, do not sweat the small stuff.  Prioritize in your daily patterns, the march to Christmas and ensuing holidays are actually great practice to put these methods to work on a daily basis for the coming year.  

Make 2016 a prioritized year.  No guff, no extra anything, be efficient and worthy of your day.  Greet each morning with a plan and a smile.  Relax, you can get more done with being flexible and loose than uptight and stiff.  Stretch!  This exercise is a freebie, again, no excuses!

And yes, get to that gym or treadmill.  The other day I hopped on the treadmill for a mere 30 minutes, watched tennis tapes, and for the rest of the day was so happy I did this little bit to enhance my game and keeps those quads strong. 

This is the time, right now, today, to map out and perform for the new year 2016.  You can do this, use small steps and see how big they get without even watching!

And a wonderful New Year's Eve! 

Pop some bubbly, have some cheer for the new year! 

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