Friday, June 1, 2012


updated March 12, 2015

Let's talk about stress before a performance, those jitters you get whether for tennis or whatever you are doing. Yes, stress. Pre-match jitters.

I try to be calm before a match, but is that a good thing? Maybe that friction of trying to get rid of stress is counter-productive, going against the natural instincts. 

Lately I've been of the mind to be as open as possible with my feelings and emotions, to get that honesty going with my inner self, which can only help in my quest for inner beauty and being as fit as I can be.  

Hopefully these thoughts and approaches can be of help to you, too. 

Being honest with thyself is no easy feat, there are so many layers of pre-conceived notions, years of seeing one way and not another, like going through a lifetime with blinders!  

But there is so much to see in this world!  Beauty surrounds us, in the small and large scale. I've decided that stress is not going to go away, and there are self-help tactics to use it to your advantage.

 Stress equals energy, so try to convert this energy into a force of work and effort, using your skill set, to get through the tough times, whether pre-match jitters or whatever you are doing that requires performance. 

I really think the stress reverts back to our old friend, confidence.  Convert the notion of negative stress to positive confidence: both are forces of energy, so why not?  

You've got nothing to lose and all to gain. Stress is energy that we can use, it is a gift for us in times of need.  So, hold your head high and know that you have preparedness through practice. Practice that confidence, that holding your head high.

Take deep breathes through your core and develop your own definition as to who you are as a person, a performer, a friend to yourself and to those around you. 

Meanwhile, practice, practice, practice. That will help get rid of the jitters! Know what you need to do, then do it!

Have a wonderful day, and get out there and convert that energy! Practice!☀

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