Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Beauty, what is it, really?  In the eye of the beholder, perhaps?  Or, are there certain traits that cross all borders, universal standards so to speak.  I've seen reports where facial symmetry is the most defining factor for physical beauty.  

But what about the interesting face?  What makes a face interesting  is its variation from the norm, the characteristic signs of individuality.  You could say that it is the very different characteristic that is the beauty itself, the one defining factor that speaks to who you are.

Beauty comes in many forms, and it only begins with the image.  Going deeper, watch how a person carries herself, is she hunched over, or is she straight and tall, confident with herself and the world? The defining line between serene confidence and blatant outspokenness that masquerades as confidence can be difficult to separate; try to identify the difference within yourself and others around you. 

Observe, and be honest. Confidence can be your secret weapon.  In fact, I witnessed it first hand today on the tennis court with my doubles partner, she moved and carried herself like no one would ever cut her down or beat her at her own game.  She dictated the points and played fairly, and when she had a discrepancy she voiced her knowledge, even at the expense of having our opponents potentially cause trouble for her, either personally or for the match. 

Naturally they have a right to question her, but it is how they question which can be disconcerting, and even off-put the best player. I said that she has an obligation to herself, to me as her partner, and to our team- if she has certain knowledge about rules then she has an obligation to disclose, even if the other team will give her trouble.  

I also added to her that she's my partner and I stand by her.  After all, she does have the most match experience than the others on the court! The ruling in question was verified in our favor, by the way. 

Beauty equals strength and conviction, especially in the face of ridicule and ignorance.  With inner beauty, it adds to who you are, your definition and gift to our world.  So be yourself in spite of others' doubts, because in the long run you are not only helping yourself become all you can be, but you are helping others reach their own potential as well :)

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