Saturday, September 12, 2015


What can be said? Two Italians battling it out at the women's final at the US Open! Such fabulous tennis, such bright young women with a whole lot of decorum and class.  

 We have Roberta Vinci, world number 43 as of September 8, 2015, who the day before beat world number 1 Serena Williams in a three set upset. Roberta, a petite 5 feet 5 inches, brought down a giant yesterday. Today, Roberta is wearing the same outfit, bright pink Nike top with neon yellow sneakers.

On the other side of the net is Flavia Pennetta, rank 26 in the world, in a fitted Adidas tank mix of white and dark gray, high neck and open back which gave her an aura of control, power and strength. Flavia is also sporting yellow sneakers, but lighter in hue. 

And, a wonderful Italian contingent flew in from Italy last night to honor these two women. The Prime Minister of Italy (the former mayor of Florence), the Italian Consul, more Italian dignitaries, all in Armani I am sure!

This was such an exciting match! Vinci and Pennetta have known each other since they were nine years old, and you could see the camaraderie especially after the match where they hug and kiss at the net! Very playful when they receive their trophies, and such a pleasure to see such variety during the match.

In the first set both players started tight, and I wondered how Vinci could survive a match after her grueling three set match against Serena. Regardless, there was quality tennis here, and Flavia Pennetta prevailed and won the tiebreaker at 7-4. 

In the second set, clearly Vinci's shots are breaking down and not well controlled and Pennetta took advantage while she could. Vinci fought well, she should be very proud and she is, and the second set went to Pennetta at 6-2. 

Looking at match statistics, Flavia just had a little more to her game, click here to see for yourself! Points won, Flavia's 81 to Roberta's 67, points matter!

Congratulations, Flavia Pennetta! You are a true champion, and here, I love this photo, this is the look of a champion, one who has made up her mind, and knows her path~

 Flavia Pennetta wins, and announces retirement

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