Saturday, May 26, 2012


Hi!!  What a great day today, outdoors, sunshine, and my new Head Instinct tennis racquet!  Played singles for 1 hour and 45 minutes, everyone no matter what age has got to stay fit as much as possible, because too soon does the body seek to lose its elasticity. There is no way that I'm going to grow older without a fight!  

Firstly, be aware of how your body works, your thyroid for example, and know your physical limitations before embarking on any new fitness program. Acknowledge that aging is a very tough issue, it happens to us all, but rest assured there are strategies you can use to stay fit and beautiful.  

The most important is to have a good attitude, inner beauty counts. 

Next, slowly whittle away your diet so that finally you are eating as cleanly as possible.  Believe me, I know first hand old habits are hard to break, so go slowly until those omissions are no longer missed.  It will happen, just give yourself some time, but do make the effort! There are so many sources out there in print and on the internet that it's not worth listing do's and don'ts regarding nutrition, except keep in mind to have the protein, plenty of vegetables and fruits, and minimize everything else. 

That's it. Period. Have some self control and remember that your health is the most important asset in life that you have, so do something worthwhile for yourself, your loved ones, and your future loved ones!  Find a sport that you love, or several sports, it really doesn't matter, but do get out there and have fun exercising, so much that you forget you are exercising and simply having fun, because that's what health and wellness is about, being the best you can be, and you deserve it!!  ♥

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