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updated September 27, 2013

Hi!  Being an entrepreneur is the best!  There are challenges, risks of time and talent, rejection and affirmation, highs and lows and belief in thyself and the greater good. Such is the day in the life, here below is a sample of how to make the most of your day~

From a visit to New York City, May 2012

I simply have to write about my last 24 hours. Last evening in New York City I met my lovely daughter for a 35 minute dinner, dined at Dos Caminos at 50th and Third Avenue, the visuals were catchy yet with a home feel and the tacos delicious, then a cab ride to 34th and Eighth Avenue, where I had a group meeting with the children's book character creators and producers for the Octonauts. The children's shows are extremely popular in Europe, and they just signed on with Disney Junior.  

What a fun and smart group of creative people making a difference to young minds and parents alike. The Octonauts support children's education, just like the book characters I have created, the Bunny Cousins®, click here and on the image for my page at Amazon!  

picture of children's book Sea Breezes, Salt Air
at Amazon, $6.26, softcover
It was a joy and a pleasure to meet people with the same passion and interests in children's content as myself.  Being a bit sleep deprived and going through caffeine withdrawl, I did have a slight headache that never went away till the next morning but the effort of the day was certainly worth it!  

Next Day

Okay, then this morning I am a board member for an American history non profit group, three hour meeting discussing finances, current and future projects, then lunch with my hubbie, then banking, then another meeting with an IT html expert to put up advertising graphics on this blog site FIT BEAUTY and YOU, which I am quite pleased with as the ads definitely contribute to the mission of this blog:  To promote wellness, fitness, and inner beauty with a sense of quiet style and focus. 

Moving Forward

Which, gets me back to TENNIS!!  These are the attributes which I seek to aspire to in my quest of game betterment and personal growth.  Focus, beauty, stamina, humility. Can we ever be grown up enough?  I don't think so, life is like calculus, forever approaching but never final.  Infinite wisdom to attain yet never quite reaching that end point.  Such is tennis too, and my love for this game.  Have a great weekend, and Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms!!   ♡


We now fast forward to September 2013.  As publisher of C. Avery Brookes Ltd. and the foundation of this blog FIT BEAUTY and YOU, the mission of C. Avery Brookes Ltd. remains the same~ to promote wellness with positive content for women and children around the world. 

As an Entrepreneur, you have to develop flexibility, belief, and knowing when to switch gears and when to stay on course. To that end, I have built focus on my passion for art and photography as a commercial model for beauty products, working with clients as PeterThomasRoth and Algenist. If you are a commercial agency interested in my representation of your enterprise, please click here to view my portfolio and contact information. 

Nota bene ~ You have to "walk the talk," and use any means possible to bring your entrepreneurial spirit alive.

As a children's author/illustrator and creator of the Bunny Cousins, I used that very method as a motivational speaker on the creation of book characters and story development to hundreds of children in private and public schools. I did this when my children were in middle school, to be a part of their lives, and role model to them on how to develop a love of learning in a fun way. As a guest speaker, it was incredibly exciting to see so many children eager to learn, who want to do things, create, and express their own ideas and thoughts. So much energy!

Ultimately, I have followed four passions~ children's literature to help children around the world to gain literacy through fun reading, to promote wellness and beauty for women of all ages and stages in their lives, the use of tennis as a platform to achieve these goals, and to give back by supporting history and contributing pro bono my acquired skills in finance and organization to help children and adults alike acquire an understanding of American heritage.

Such is entrepreneurship.  Ever changing, ever evolving.  Follow your passions, it is what makes YOU unique. And hold tight to your seats, it is going to be a wild ride!

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  1. Disney Junior is a great American start for that show!! Thanks for sharing :)