Tuesday, May 8, 2012


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"Core Control" in tennis, what is it exactly?  It is twofold: the mind working the body, totally in sync for optimum performance.  Not as easy as it sounds however.  

Definitely get your middle tightened however you can through the exercises that fit you best.  With me I enjoy swimming, which has helped immensely as a tummy tightener besides other benefits as well.  

I have read in multiple sources a tight core helps with all tennis strokes.  The body moves and turns better. Kettle bells are great fun also, I make up my own routines, maybe not the best idea because of injury potential, but I do anyway because my own moves make for a more interesting workout!  

Also, as girls (and guys, too!) in our mid fifties, the arms will slacken a bit, so the kettle bells will help over time to tighten the arms. I use 10 pound weights per arm. But there is much more to the core I want to discuss. 

It is that inner strength I feel when I am serving out a set or trying to close a match.  Sometimes I actively feel in the core of my being that inner sense of concentration and resolve, which serves as a guide to finish the task.  

If I don't have that feel, usually from fatigue, then I am in a tough spot and may very well not close out the set or match.  

But I have learned how to recognize that feeling within my core, so if it is there, I know I am on the right track!  It is a physical tightness, linked to a mental resolve.

And if it is not?  I know I need to get it there if I am going for a win. 

This game of tennis is so amazing, each time I play or even watch a match I learn something, not only to try on the court, but in every day life as well. 

Try to develop and recognize core strength within yourself, make it a habit! ☼

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