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Here we go, the first Grand Slam of the year! I love the Australian Open, it gives you summer in winter, motivation to play even in the cold of our upper hemisphere, and keeps you on track as a great motivator to stay fit and well.

official site of the Australian Open
What strikes me the most these days is the advancing ages of our top players~ 

The ladies~

Serena Williams (1) is 33, Flavia Pennetta (12) is 32, Roberta Vinci (44) is 30, Venus Williams (19) is 34. The lovely Ana Ivanovic (5) is a mere pup at 27 years old.

The men~

Roger Federer (2) is 33, Australian Lleyton Hewitt (84) is 33, Rafael Nadal (3) is 28, David Ferrer (10) is 32, Novak Djokovic (1) is still a young 27.

So much can be said for nutrition, the right coaching, the right workouts. In fact, age is better! Age gives you the benefit of maturity, confidence, experience. Age becomes a timesaver. Thus, as long as you are strong enough, you can stay in the game.

Click here for a really informative article written 2 years ago, on the more pros than cons of aging in the game of tennis.

Novak Djokovic is gluten free, Roger federe is super lean as well, that's how he can glide like a feather, jump high, stay the course for a full 5 sets if need be.  Less weight to carry around!

We have seen so much of our tennis stars, that at this writing there really is not any new news!

So, let's talk about tennis observations, and what to look for when you are watching a grand slam.

How they hit the ball~

  • First off, I have noticed that these great players do not even seem to be concerned of where their opponent is on the court.  
  • They look at the ball hit their own strings, then look over their strings to observe the racquet position of their opponent. I have learned that watching the strings of your opponent's racquet gives you focus and prepares you for the next shot. 
  • Then, these players are so practiced, they just hit the ball early and hard. Mostly that is all that it takes to get a point. If the point is long, well then that is how it goes; the hitting method remains the same, save for more surprises as in net play, overheads and great angle shots.
  • Look at one player only when doing a review of their shots and game, this will give you a solid view of how they respond to the ball, how they control the point, how they recover form a tough shot. 
The fashions~

  • Always a pleasure to see, especially the women! Lots of color, new clothes for a new year, it is exciting to see what they put together.  Usually Venus Williams has some stuff going on, watch out for her! And sister Serena likes to step out with something different, too.  Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic like to wear their contract tennis garb with advertisers Nike and Addidas, sometimes Serena will too, but it appears more often than not she mixes up her look.
  • As for the men, Roger Federer is the one to watch, his clothes are so nicely tailored, usually Nike as well. And Novak Djokovic, he likes to be a bit different, to break the mold, so keep an eye out for his look as well.  And of course our favorite Rafa Nadal, he is so consistently so cute, I am sorry, I rarely notice what he is wearing I am so consumed by his game and boyhood charm :)
The beauty~
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Here is a fun Youtube of Roger Federer and Lleyton Hewitt playing tennis from speed boats in Sydney Harbor!

The Australian Open 2015 begins Sunday January 18 and concludes Saturday January 31. 

Click here for your television schedule and live stream information, provided by Sports Illustrated!


For the WOMEN'S FINAL, click here!

For the MEN'S FINAL, click here!

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