Monday, January 5, 2015


So much to learn in the new year! 

Nikken has caught my eye, and wellness expert Randy Rolfe gives us a grand overview of what the Nikken lifestyle is, and how you too can achieve increased wellness and productivity with the Nikken Five Pillars of Health®.

Five Pillars of Health®
Consider your own life and where you are in your health status, and what you would like to improve.

 Nikken offers a new look on life, you do not want to miss this!

Here is a 13 minute video of yours truly with the lovely Randy Rolfe~


AND... Randy has so inspired me that I have signed on as an independent consultant with Nikken!

Here is my Nikken page of favorites~
I am so excited to be a part of this new life of clean, clear wellness~

The new year brings promise, and is a new beginning for all that you can hope to achieve. 

At Nikken you have the opportunity to hone your life, to prioritize, to really decide what you need and how best to help those around you.  

You have heard the mantra the caregiver must first take care of herself to be at her best to help others. So true, as personally learned from my own life experience. Nikken offers you that, the simple life plan of wellness through the powerful natural benefits of magnetic earth energy, purified water systems, food supplements, nutrition, and so much more I have yet to learn about! 

You can find more on Randy by visiting her Nikken page at

Stay tuned for much more, dear Readers, and meanwhile consider your own level of improvement, of what needs changing, what can stay the same, maybe even other possibilities hitherto unbeknownst till now?
Have a wonderful, healthful new year in 2015! 

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