Friday, August 10, 2012


updated November 2, 2014

Ever wonder what makeup those Olympic swimmers wear? Especially the synchronized swimmers?  Wow, they look like Cirque du Soleil (see Canadian competition today!), edgy Euro, I love it, keep that attitude going!  

Photo credit Steve Russell/Toronto Star
And these women are athletes too, and do not make any excuses for their makeup.  Their sport combines the artistic with the technical, sounds like ice skating competition, hmmm? Here, the makeup is exaggerated for practical purposes, so the judges can see them from afar, they are not simply competing as wanna-be drag queens :), their application has practical purposes specific to their sport. 

 A really good article summing up the merits of synchronized swimming is here at Reuters.  

So, what tools do these athletes use for underwater eye wear?  

A really great line that specializes in aquatic ballet makeup is Makeup For Ever, Professionel, Paris with Dany Sanz productsYou can see the Makeup For Ever line at Sephora, it shows a great collection of colors and good history lesson on the brand too.

I have tried their Aqua Eyes Kohl Pencil Eyeliner in Black which has great staying power in the water and even on humid summer days,
aqua eyes kohl pencil makeup forever
A must-see:Here's a demo on what waterproof makeup the swimmers are wearing in London, also giving even more history, plus application tips for underwater eye makeup with the Makeup For Ever brand:

 Also check out  this great photography here, too. 

In the pool I have tried the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume lifting Waterproof Mascara in Black from Macys, no clumping, applies evenly, I definitely return to this once my tube is used, usually in 3 months or so of use.  

Another line that my girls enjoy is Urban Decay Waterproof Mascara, it has received high reviews as well.  

So, keep that art up, besides those legs in the pool, and show the world how you as athletes and artists combine fitness with beauty, you are all Fit Beauties !!!!!!!!

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