Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have to give a HUGE congratulations to Aly Raisman, Olympic gymnast and Gold medalist. Remember in an early Olympic blog I asked, who will be the "dark horse," the one who quietly does the job to perfection while the media and public view is focused elsewhere?

Aly Raisman
Photo credit Michael Regan/Getty Images

Well, I think it's Aly. Her floor exercise was flawless, the final competition of her 2012 Olympics, and she finished to perfection. Media hype can be very dangerous, it creates a critical mass all its own, and as a performer, whether a gymnast, runner or tennis player, it can make or break you. These girls are very young, and to have that glare in your eye is blinding, how to manage such power of the press?  Best to either "go under the radar" and do your thing until 3 medals later someone notices, or, use that media power to the hilt, ride that public wave to the very finish. 

But, how does one do that at the age of sixteen, or younger? Very difficult, but having several factors in play boost your probability of success.  Nadia Comaneci rode that public wave in 1976 with her perfect 10, the first in history.  Maybe it's that public wave that gets you the perfect 10. High risk, higher reward. 

Here, instead Aly created her own private wave, with good, attentive parents as a huge help, ones that you can trust and count on, even when you lose. Unconditional love, that's what creates the strongest child. Plus, trust in the training, you can just see how well trained Aly is. Aly said that she felt so relaxed (back to Federer in my blog of August 7), she could simply do her best being in a relaxed state, also known as the Zone in sports.  Well, CONGRATS Aly, you are definitely in the Zone, understand and enjoy what you have accomplished! 


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