Sunday, August 12, 2012


Our Olympic Summer Games are over now, and the Closing ceremony itself is the ultimate testament to merging beauty and fitness.  The beauty here is the art, music and homage to all the athletes who made these games great. 
Such unity, if we could only live like this every day in our world. 

I love One Direction, really fun boy band out there. The John Lennon song Imagine was gripping, and his visage sculpted by the figures of the singers was surreal, his face breaking up in shards and pieces of paper it looked like, dispersed to the world, if we could only Imagine. Not much to see of the athletes here, but we know they are enjoying these moments along with us viewers.  

And, Spice Girls?? We love you you!  Girl Power!  They look better than they did 10 years ago!  Nothing like live performance; you get to connect with your audience on the most direct of levels. Please see, Closing Ceremony. Oh my gosh, and Oasis is here!  My FAVORITE group, I love their song WonderWall.  These songs never grow old, they just get better.  MOnty Python, you make our day brighter!  I'm not sure Prince Harry knows the words to Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, here's YouTube video, from flying nuns to British emperors, only MOnty knows for sure :) 

And the guitarist from Queen... !  Whoa, Jessie J. you inspire us all, girl! The stage layout is quite eclectic, the music artists surrounded by the athletes, truly beauty and fitness as one. What a great concert tonight!  I never realized how many British groups have infiltrated my psyche, thank you Great Britain, I love you!  You've got the beat, the bounce, the lightheartedness of youth. Carry on! ✈

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